Music Video: Whan – Think about it

Dinsdag 15 oktober 2019 | Music Video Whan @atelier-vos

  • 2019 | 15 oktober


    What is the song about.

    The song “Think about it” is about a man whom relation ship with a woman is broken.

    He’s very emotional about her reaction and devastated how she cheated with another man who was not good for her at all.

    “Think about it” sounds several times in this song as a final call in response to her actions.

    The song has some rock influences and builds up to a climax several times.

    These are the moments where you can feel the anger of the man who has been cheated.

    This song reminded me

    In the far past i’ve been dumpt several times by a woman.

    The emotion of this song reminded me of that situation. A situation where you’re constantly confronted with the fact that it is over.

    There’s a lot of anger and you feel like nothing. You want to forget her but you still meet her at school and see pictures of her on social media which makes you feel bad again immediately.

    Music video ingredients

    Some of these moments i used in this music video because i think everybody who’s been in this kind of situation can relate to this.

    Also the song is very expressive so i want the audience to experience that feeling in the image and story of the video.

  • 2019 | 17 oktober


    With the ideas im my head of my own experience I started storyboarding.

    First draft moving storyboard.



    2019 | 17 oktober

  • 2019 | 27 oktober


    Making the character

    Now that a large part of the song is storyboarded, i have been busy making the character.

    I chose to make it completely 3D, so that I can still play a lot with different angles in the shooting phase.

    Because it is fully 3D, i also have a lot of room for the animation. This also seemed very useful in this case.

    To make the character look a bit like Whan, I first took pictures of him and then I modeled the face on it.

    Making the character.

    What does making the character mean?

    In 3D you first create the shape of the character. When this is done the texture will be made. And of course I painted it!

    I’ve now made a basic painting of the texture. This will be a different painting for each scene. Because of the different lights and emotions. I like to capture that with different paintings.

    To animate the character you have to make a sort of bone system and hang controllers to it, so that you can make the bones move.

    Then you tie the “mesh” to the bones and so you can make the puppet move.

    This is a fairly long process. I believe that I have spent at least 25 hours working on it.

    But the result is very promising!

    The next move.

    The next step is to make some props and then I will start animating!

    I am also going to storyboard these days to finish it and improve where necessary.

  • 2019 | 05 november

    Animating the first shots

    The first shots are animated!

    I’m happy with the choice that I made the character completely 3D.

    I’ve already made different compositions or movements for a number of shots. It’s very nice that I can handle so free within 3D space

    Animation process.

    For some animations, I’ve filmed myself as a reference. This animates faster and I learn better how the human body works. If you analyze the movements you can see that every movement actually goes through an ark and often one that you don’t expect.

    When I apply this in the animation it becomes much livelier.


    No time to complete the storyboard, but I already thought how I can end this video!

    To be continued!


    2019 | 05 november

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