The Acrylic Light Show

Donderdag 17 oktober 2019 | Acrylic Light Show @atelier-vos

  • 2019 | 17 oktober


    The Acrylic Light Show

    After two years of experimenting with acrylic paint and how to make a veejay show out of it, it is time to bring this “Acrylic Light Show” to the next level!

    In my first shows I used acrylic paint in one way. That was just painting over and over and over an older painting, so it’s animated by putting al the pictures behind each other.

    That made me think because paint is a very free medium to make images. Almost simular to make music with an instrument. I was only using one tone of the thousend tones to make a song.

    This experiment is all about the characteristics of paint on several materials. And about what kind of images it makes and how these can be combined in a very pleasent VJ show.

    I’ve built a glassplate setup and its time to get everything out of it!

    The goal

    I hope this “Acrylic Light Show” wil reflect the freedom of paint.

    That people see it and think, wow really everything is possible!

    It will be an authentic experience that you have never seen before!

  • 2019 | 21 oktober

    First Jam

    For the first test i made a number of different loops to see and evaluate the result.

    I am very satisfied with the results and these offer new perspectives in making The Acrylic Light Show!

    This is why

    The show was used to be built from the same way of making loops. The last week I have been busy by doing this in a different way.

    For example, i made loops that are much more graphic and started playing with liquid paint.

    The first jam

    With 15 new loops I started jamming with Sean Sioni.

    From this jam session I discovered that applying the paint in different ways makes the image even more rich and organic.

    You also get variations that can evoke different associations.

    Now I have only used a few graphic and liquid loops. I’m curious about the image when i have more of these cause then i can play even more with variation and shapes.


    2019 | 21 oktober

  • 2019 | 04 november


    A new way

    With this experiment there can’t be cheated as long as it is made with acrylic paint.

    The past week I have been busy with acrylic paint in a bowl of water. The images look a bit like smoke.

    By giving paint different thicknesses, a different effect is created in the water. So I also made a loop where I throw thick lumps of paint into the water. These look like leaves swirling downwards.

    These variations are very useful for the show.

    A new way

    Inspired by a technique from the 60s where they made psychedelic light shows through oil, paint and water, I made a loop in which I squeeze multiple colors of paint between two glass plates and move them by hand.

    At first I thought this was nothing, but once I mixed it in, the loop came out really well.

    Because I move it by hand it has a very organic movement and the image is so different from the other loops I’ve made so far.

    You get hard edges that arise organically. The colors also mix in a very different way and I get a new dimension of structure in the show.

    My first thought was: I want more of this!

  • 2019 | 25 november

    You see me Bowl’in

    This week I worked with two bowls and pressing the paint between two glass plates.

    This provided the Acrylic Light Show with some new structures!

    I made different movements during the experiment to see what effect it had on the paint.

    Also by giving the paint different thicknesses by diluting it with water, some fascinating results were obtained.


    Sometimes the loops seem far too intense, but I  found out that when I mix them differently over each other, even the heavy loops produce beautiful effects!

    At this point I just have to go all out. So far I didn’t come across anything that can’t be used for the Acrylic Light Show.


    2019 | 25 november

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