Date Dishasters

Woensdag 24 november 2021 | DATE DISHASTERS

  • 2021 | woensdag 24


    Ontwikkeling Pilot aflevering

    Uitwerking van de eerste aflevering voor een animatie mini-serie


    Date Dishasters is about two people who are a match online. They go on a date in a restaurant and are confronted with each other. They come to the conclusion that in real life they don’t match at all. Recognizable subjects and moments are referred to in a humorous way to reflect on dating and people’s behavior.

    Scenario EP01 – Very Hot:


    Swipe sounds are heard.

    John’s finger swipes away a number of photos at high speed. He swiped so fast that the photos are not clearly visible, but slide past like a motion blur. Then suddenly a clear photo of a woman with a large bosom, thick lips, blond straight hair and bambi-like eyes comes into view. The photo remains on the screen for a while and is then swiped the other way. The sound of a match is heard.

    John with his phone in front of him spreads his eyes and gets a smile on his face.

    He opens the chat function on his phone and asks his match: “You hungry?” with two aubergine emojis behind it.

    To which his match answers almost immediately: “I know a good restaurant”.

    John frowns, as if he’d expected a different answer. Then raise his shoulders in a short movement.


    City sounds are heard. Buzz, pedestrians, honking and moving cars.

    CHANG THAI RESTAURANT is written in pink neon letters on the facade. People walk past the store, which is neatly finished with a frame made of bamboo and red wood. Behind the window, wooden lanterns and a bamboo mat hover halfway up the window. The light from the store has a warm glow to it.


    John and his date are sitting at the table. John has a shirt buttoned up all the way to the top. His date is wearing a cocktail dress. They both hold the menu in their hands. John fiddles with his top button for a moment to straighten his blouse. In the background there are silhouettes of people sitting at the table. Tableware and glasses clink and people’s buzz can be heard. A stereotypical Thai waiter comes to the table and takes out his notebook.

    John’s date bites her lower lip and says in a sultry voice: “I will have the Pad Thai, please”. After saying the words, she puts on a duck face.

    John looks at her with wide eyes and blinks twice. Then swallows, unbuttons the top of his blouse and runs his finger over the menu until he reaches the dish “Gaeng kiaw wan”. He turns to the waiter and says. “For me the Gaeng kiaw wan”.

    The waiter nods briefly with his head and moves his hand holding a pen to the notebook. He then turns his head to John and asks in an Asian accent: “Are you sure? Gang kiaw wan is very hot!”.

    John raises his left eyebrow and flinches a bit. He looks at the waiter, then his gaze moves to his date and then back to the waiter again. Air blows through his lips like a horse; “pffffff”. At the same time he shrugs his shoulders and confidently says; “I think I can handle hot stuff”.

    The waiter nods and then walks out of the picture.


    Pad Thai and the Gang Kiaw Wan are served on the table. The Gang kiaw Wan is bubbling as if it’s still cooking. A green pepper floats in the middle of it. John looks at his meal and then at his date and raises his eyebrows twice in quick succession.

    Like Bambi, his date smiles, blinks her eyes and starts eating. John also starts eating.

    Bite after bite, both dishes are running emptying out.

    The date asks in a sultry voice: “And how is yours?”

    John sits there with a red face that seems to explode. Quickly unbuttons his blouse and says, “No thang no thang. It’s great.” He wants to laugh, but right at that moment a bit of hot sauce shoots out of his mouth, nearly choking him.

    Both are eating again. John is considerably slower than before.

    He unbuttons some more buttons on his blouse and eats on again.

    Then the date puts down her cutlery and says, “This was delicious!”

    John catches fire and sears completely black. He holds up his scorched arm trembling and raises his thumb and says (in defeat); “Great.”


    John and his date are standing in front of the restaurant.

    John’s scorched lips move stiffly back and forth and he utters in a broken voice: “You want a kiss?”

    To which his date says: “Oh boy, I’m sorry but I can’t handle hot things. I’m into cool guys”.

    John crumbles to pieces on the floor. The date looks down at the leftovers of John, where just barely a face can be recognized. Then John is trampled by a pedestrian passing by.

  • 2021 | woensdag 24


    2021 | woensdag 24