What you see on the picture is my door filled with storyboard frames. In the first few weeks i’ve been working on a theme for my graduation film.

After reading this book “Directing the story” from Francis Glebas (which is a very nice book for directors to understand some principles about narrative story telling), i thought about doing a narrative driven film. I came up with a story but it is too long, so…

A couple weeks and some good talks with my sensai’s at the University of the Arts Utrecht later, i came up the idea of doing a more abstract film “associational film”.

This experimental way of making a movie really appeals to me. And i think it fits me well because i’ve been very experimental with my work so far.

The film will be about my background and what my identity is within these two cultures. This is still a bit broad but it will be better framed in the upcoming weeks.

I got this book “Film art” from David Bordwell wich is about different types of film. I will read this and dive deeper in the associational film. For me at this point it is also a bit vague and abstract. So let the clear clouds come!


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